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Floors for exteriors and interiors, architectural decorations, columns and capitals, chairs, tables and fireplaces. And more ... slabs, strips, bases, curbs, bolognini ...

Smoothed Lava Rock

Thanks to a careful sanding process it is ideal for interior floors and stairs.

"Partridge's Eye" Lava Rock

It has holes or holes more or less small and therefore irregular, not uniform for the escape of the gas present in the lava that has not completely cooled down. This product is suitable for making sculptures or antique portals.

Finishes: Sawn, Bush-hammered, "Martellina" worked.

lavica bocciardata

 Bushammered Lava Rock

Product obtained through the application of a specific machine, it has a rough surface similar to orange peel.

Used for the realization of public squares and steps.

 Striped Lava Rock

Used above all for non-slip outdoor flooring such as driveways, terraces, slides for the disabled.

Stone quarry splits

Product mainly used for covering external walls, houses or private villas, or for interior cladding in rustic rooms. It is presented as a tile with a thickness ranging from 2,3,4, 5 cm with medium sizes of 15x30 cm or 15x15 cm from one sawn side and the other to "Spacco di Cava", with or without leakage.

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