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ETNA, the greatest active volcano in Europe has always fascinated man.

The locals have a great fear and respect of its great power as if it were a living creature and at the same time they receive great joy and sorrow from it. Joy, because Etna does not only bring about destruction, but also an endless amount of products that men learnt to use; for example the monstrous Lava flows that not only fascinate tourists because they are so spectacular, but also once they have cooled down they have been trasfomated into caves where the lava rock in then is dug up. Lava rock consists of a basaltic rock which is very hard and resistant even at very low and rigid temperatures and also at those more elevated.

Already from ages ago lava rock consists has been dug up and processed to manufacture materials for buildings and to produce ornamental articles.  


Through the ages "SICILIANA LAVICA" has acquired a thorough knowledge and can pride itself in its 50 year experience of lava rock and the workings there, and has adapted the most sophisticated technologies in the processing of this rock according to public demand.

The production of flooring for internal and external use, ornamental articles, pillars, capital, fountains, swimming pools, tables, chairs and chimneys, is greatly appreciated by the local population.

The "SICILIANA LAVICA", making use of numerous chemo-phisical studies through research centres at various national universities has thoroughly studied and typified this basaltic rock from Etna; therefore realising that this rock has characteristic that permit the process of cooking food on it for private hame use and at restaurants or other public venues.  

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